Out and About in Putten

Out and about in Putten

Museum Mariahoeve Putten

It all started after the passing of Maria, the last resident of this farm. Her heirs wanted to preserve this authentic farm from 1907 for the future. The municipality of Putten purchased the farm, the outbuildings and the land and pledged it to the ‘Puttens Historisch Genootschap’. Since the building is on the list of national monuments, the restoration of the Mariahoeve could begin in September 2005, with government grants and sponsoring. The house and several buildings have been turned into a farm museum. For more information http://www.mariahoeveputten.nl/

Museum De Tien Malen

In 1999 the ‘stichting Puttens Historisch Genootschap founded a museum on the beautiful Schovenhorst estate. This museum reflects the way mankind has used, influenced and managed the landscape of Putten over time. By means of photographs, drawings, and maps, you’ll get acquainted with greens, open fields, wasteland, land reclamation and ‘maalschappen’. The name of the museum ‘De Tien Malen) have something to do with these ‘maalschappen’. The museum provides an explanation about this. For more information http://www.detienmalen.nl/.

Putter Stoomgemaal

The ‘Putter Stoomgemaal’ (pumping station) was reopened June 2006 after a downtime period of 35 years. In 1971, the function of this pumping station was taken over by an electrical pumping station, built nearby in the dyke. In 1980 ‘het Waterschap’ (water regulatory authority) sold the pumping station, which dated from 1885. Together with a group of volunteers, the owners have returned the pumping station to its former glory bit by bit. The pumping station can be seen during the operational days, which are listed on the website of the ‘Putter Stoomgemaal’. For more information http://www.putterstoomgemaal.nl/

Kunst in de Kelder (Art in the Basement)

In the basement of the city hall, you’ll find a exhibition area. An Exhibition Committee was established, with the purpose of organizing expositions for a large target audience: the inhabitants of Putten and other municipalities and for everyone else who is interested in fine arts. The aim is to organize 6 expositions per year. In addition, groups of leisure artists from Putten show their work every 2 years. For more information http://www.kunstinputten.nl/index.php?page=kelder

Memories of the raid

October 1st 1944 the Germans performed a raid in Putten, which was occupied, during which almost all of the male labor force was taken away to various concentration camps. Various monuments remind of this event, such as the memoriam room and the monument ‘De Vrouw van Putten’ (The Woman of Putten). For more information http://www.putten.nl/Bezoekers/Razzia.

Schovenhorst Estate

Discover the secrets of the wonderful world of trees of Schovenhorst! A stroll across the 160 year old estate in Northwest Veluwe is full of surprises. Historic tree gardens and modern architecture, nature and art, learning and playing, enjoying and running around: it’s all there. Wandering through the tree gardens, you’ll discover majestic trees of exotic origin, natural pieces of art or pieces of art made by humans and quiet paths that stimulate your imagination. The climax is the Forest Tower, which shows you the forest from a completely different point of view. For more information http://www.schovenhorst.nl/

Bosbad Putten

A swimming oasis which guarantees hours and hours for fun and pleasure in the water, that’s what Bosbad Putten is. Enjoy our wide range of possibilities. Take a dive into our subtropical pool or, when the weather permits it, in our wonderful outdoor pool. Experience the benefits of wellness. For this, Bosbad Putten has many facilities as well. For more information http://www.bosbadputten.nl/

Puttense Weekmarkt (Week Market)

Every Wednesday morning, from 8 AM to 1 PM , you’ll find a large goods market on ‘het Kerkplein’ and ‘het Fontanusplein’. The annual Ox market on the 2nd Wednesday of October always attracts a lot of visitors.

Kruidentuin (Herb Garden)

The Kruidentuin is located in the center of Putten. In the Kruidentuin you’ll find about 170  species of herbs, plants, shrubs and trees. The Kruidentuin is maintained by ‘Stichting Grensverleggende Talenten (SGVT)’. The Kruidentuin is open daily. In June, July and August there are daily tours. Group tours are also possible. For information, you can contact Mrs. J.G. van den Brink-Leij, phone number +31 (0)6 225 69 053. 

Stichting Cultureel Centrum Putten

Every year, between September and April, ‘Stichting Cultureel Centrum Putten’ (SCCP) organizes theatre shows. They try to present a diverse program every year, with something for everyone, such as cabaret, music and plays. Every year, there is at least one children’s show. In addition to famous artists, the SCCP also tries to be a platform for new talent. The shows are held in Cultureel Centrum Stroud in Putten. More information about the program is available at https://www.stroud.nl/.

Recreational area Nulde Beach

Recreational area Nulde Beach has something for everyone. Swimmers and sun enthusiasts can enjoy themselves at various sandy beaches with various game- and play facilities for children. If you are looking for more action, you can try water sports or engage in a sportive game of volley ball. For a snack and a drink, you are more than welcome at one of many kiosks. On the special event terrain, special events are organized regularly. With all these facilities, and the presence of a marina, a surf camping and a hotel, you’ll always find something to do at Nulde Beach! For more information http://www.leisurelands.nl/index.php?id=72.

VVV Putten

For more tourist information about  Putten, please contact the VVV office in Putten, phone number  +31 (0) 341351 777, http://www.vvvputten.nl/.